Monday, September 7, 2009

There's Nothing Like You And I

There's this song . .That I always choke up when I listen to its . .I first heard it from the movie "London" . .Which stars Jessica Biel (in many revealing siehkksss scenes I might add. .But that's not why I likes the movie so much. .Well . . Not the main reason)

Basically the movie goes on about this guy who broke up with his long-time high school girlfriend and how she's leaving LA to go to Londong (which incidently is her name as well) and how this guy is going through a last ditch effort to win her back in her farewell party. He holes up in the toilet where the party is hosted while waiting for her and commences through some booze and coke inspired theological and philosiphical discussions about his relationship with her with his coke dealer and some other random peoples.

Cutting to the end of the movie without giving out too much, there is a morning after scene . .And this song comes one . .And it totally sums up the entire movie. One song. . Summing up everything that is in a relationship.

The beginning . .The middle . . The end . . .

It just clicks . .The moment I saw the scene with this song playing . .I choked up . .It was the best suited song ever for the moment. . It has since been one of my favoritestesssess song evarrhhhhh in the universesssssesss . .

Oh . . The song is The Perishers - Nothing Like You and I. .Here is a YouTube montage of the movie "The Notebook" (another sweet assed movie that makesesss me chokessess)

Check out the lyrics and you know why it's fitting to sum up everything in the movie . .Or rather for every other relationship that has run it's course . . Srsly.