Friday, July 24, 2009

I Can Has Cheezburger?

I would like to thank Ashvin (I want to say Nair? I'm not sure what your whole name is mang . .Should probably find that outs before plugging youse heyurrr. .) for wonderful wonderful FREE cheezburger. It has been a lifesaver for these past couple of dreary days.

In other news, I really really needs to do laundry mang. Damn I hates doing laundry. I loves having to wear fresh newly washed clothes fresh off the dryer all warm and soft and smelling like lavender (I use all lavender crap for my clothes). But I'm just so gaddam lazy to get it done. Could be the analogy for my entire life. I'm always too gaddam lazy to do things that will result in really good things in my life. So many things I've been too lazy to do or think is not worth the effort to put into. When I think of the things that could have been if i weren't so damn lazy, well . . Come to think of it, I'm actually too lazy to even think about it.

Anyone got quarters ? I'ma gonna get my ass down there to do some laundry . . gaddamit . .

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