Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Toast. . .

"To the good times that we've shared. . And the bad times that we'll have. ."

That's the line from the song "I Need Some Fine Wine and You, you Need to be Nicer" by The Cardigans that really stuck with me.

I mean, that's all that we really got going through life with others isn't it? It basically just sums up our social existence (not to mention the whole title is totally befitting any situation for anybody at any given time).

Profound lyrics from a band that gave us "Lovefool" lol. I love that song.

But on to more profound topics of discussion. I was asked recently if I was a booty or boobie person. This of course presents a true conundrum to me. I mean, is it true that every man has a straight out preference for one or the other? Can we not be on the fence (I don't mean not like either . .That'd be gay . .Well maybe not . .Maybe there are navel men out there or knee or ankle or toe men out there . .Let's not discriminate) about the topic or better yet have both? (Of course that would be the idea, but for the sake of discussion, I heard that every man has a very strong preference for one or the other. . .)

And so dear readers, after searching my soul (amongst other things . .) long and hard, I finally decided that I am, indeed. . .A boobies man. Sorry booty ladies. Please, fellow boobie men, withold thy rejoicing and praises. .And do not despair fair booty men. . I cannot deny the alluring luciousness of the bootieness. . But I must be true to myself and admit that it is indeed the boobieness that captivates me the mostess.

However, in all honesty, it is unfair to subject a male of the human species to such a sacrificial decision. It's just cruel to have to choose between either and draw a definite line there. Especially in this era where both are so prevalently and so wondrously (enchanced) displayed.

But I'm definitely a boobies man fer 'sho.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beauty & The Beast

So I just finished watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast and boy was it an emotional nostalgic trip. Seriously. I was balls out crying into the pillow sobbing chocked up in my throat emotional about it.

I don't know what it was about it. Either the fact that I identify with it from my impressionable youthful days. . Or the fact that it's a tale of love overcoming outstanding odds and coming up top. . or the fact that I've had a bunch of booze and beers in me. But that movie really got to me.

If you haven't seen it, YOU MUST ! ! But I'm sure you've seen it already. Because no self respecting reader of this blog post hasn't seen it. Srsly. Those 4 of you.

At any rate. I can't wait until I finds my Belle. I just wish that when she realizes that she loveses me, that I will has a huge assed castle and a bunch of loyal singing melodizing rhyming servants at my disposal.

Hhhaaaaaa. . . One can only dream . . Although I'm already half way there in respect to the looking like the beast part ho ho ho ho . . .I need more self respect . .Srsly.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Time For A New Format

I notice I has been neglecting this blog thingy for long assed periods of times. This is entirely my fault of course. Honestly, it's mostly because I haven't really done anything worth talking about. And I really don't want to waste the precious time of you, my precious followers.

So at this point, whatever update that there will be on this blog will mostly be from my drunken blabberrings. (I don't even know what the proper spelling for that is . . AND I DON'T CARE ! ! . . which is testament to my current state of mind now)

I will try my best to update this blog space during my last moments of consciousness (I don't care how that's spelt . . .srsly . . not anymore) before I pass outs. These will be the last few testaments of honest to goodness (because really, I'm only honest during these times anyways) rantings that I have.

As of right now actually, I'm pretty out of it anyways. So whether or not I follow up with these claims remains to be seen. But it does seem like a promising change though, no? Please do feel free to comment.

At any rate yeah. At any rate the only time I come one here to update this nonsense is when I'm drunk an has nothing else betrar to do.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


LOL. This thing is nuts. How easy it is to get yourself online and cam whore to millions of potential viewers. The lure is just too tempting for some jail bait cam whores. They can't resists it. They just needs a webcam (which I'm sure they already has since they're such cam-whores) an inter-web connection (what would you use the WEB-cam for otherwise?) and voila ! You've got your own little live show.

I know a few people who would really enjoy this. And a few more people who I wish would enjoy this too much lol.

It's just so annoying when those dam 4chan fools or followers get on and they start spamming their retarded nonsense. Stupid shoe on head demands.

I personally get on there just to spy on them raccoons in the wild. . . Okay, I lie. The first searches are for the jailbait cam whores LOL. 'Coons if they're off the air.

*searches e-Bay for spy web cam. . .

Monday, July 5, 2010


So I was just reading someone else's blog, (P'Paosss) and was wonderring if it was at all possible that I would have such an intimate relationship with my blog.

I mean, this woman puts random stuff about herself every other time. Albeit somewhat coded or indirectly, it's still pretty personal stuff and not at all very hard to decode if knew her and talked to her I suppose.

That being said, that's some crazy drama. A little boring it gets, but there's some nice photos in there lol (which of course was my main purpose of checking out the blog). Wow. I don't like drama, but I'm oddly attracted/interested by it. But it is mostly countered by my utter lack of interest in things that I don't get to know what dramas are hitting.

That being said, could you IMAGINE how it would've been like in Ames if she was still hurrr? LOL. I'd be in drama heaven. Previous post unnecessary. No subscription needed. Well maybe subscription of friends who are damn kay poh and willing to repeat these crap cause I'm too lazy to find out first hand.

NetFlixorrs I Lovezorrs You ! !

ENTIRE SERIES OF X-FILES ! ! That's NINE entires seasons of the series. Ah wasted afternoons, you have become less wasted. "RESUME: Completed entire series of X-Files during the summer". I'd like to put a shout-out to Cynthia who's made this possible for me as well as some others up in 102 lol.

I wish now they'd put up the X-Files movies too so I can finally fill in the gaps and understand wtf is going on.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gender Bender

There's this song that always cracks me up when I think about it or when it comes up on the player on it's random run. It comes on in the info as "Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham - Twisted". It goes back to a funny incident where I was talking to my sister about that song. It goes something like this:

Me: Ei this song is nice. .
Sis: Yea. .
Me: Got a nice country-ish twang to it
Sis: Uh huh (I don't quite remember what she was saying up to this point really . .)
Me: I like the lady's voice. .Lindsey Buckingham. .Never heard of her before. .But sounds familiar
Sis: Lindsey is they GUY. .
Me: WHAT ! ? Then the lady is STEVIE ? !
Sis: Yeah she's the Fleetwood Mac singer. .*sings Gypsy
Me: HUH ? SERIOUS ! ?!
Sis: Yea! LOL
Me: HUH ? (I was still sure she was fahking with me)

Anyways, this went on for a couple more years that I thought my sister was messing with my head until I discovered for myself who Stevie Nicks was when she was mentioned in an obscure movie called "Mr. Wrong" (you can watch it on instant NetFlix. .Pretty funny. .Ellen DeGeneres).

Would've been a totally awesome YMLL ! ?!11?// moment.

So it was just a pretty funny confusion thing. I was befuddled. I was sure they were doing that intentionally to twist my mind. That the name of the song was "Twisted" made me certain of this.