Tuesday, July 13, 2010


LOL. This thing is nuts. How easy it is to get yourself online and cam whore to millions of potential viewers. The lure is just too tempting for some jail bait cam whores. They can't resists it. They just needs a webcam (which I'm sure they already has since they're such cam-whores) an inter-web connection (what would you use the WEB-cam for otherwise?) and voila ! You've got your own little live show.

I know a few people who would really enjoy this. And a few more people who I wish would enjoy this too much lol.

It's just so annoying when those dam 4chan fools or followers get on and they start spamming their retarded nonsense. Stupid shoe on head demands.

I personally get on there just to spy on them raccoons in the wild. . . Okay, I lie. The first searches are for the jailbait cam whores LOL. 'Coons if they're off the air.

*searches e-Bay for spy web cam. . .

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