Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Time For A New Format

I notice I has been neglecting this blog thingy for long assed periods of times. This is entirely my fault of course. Honestly, it's mostly because I haven't really done anything worth talking about. And I really don't want to waste the precious time of you, my precious followers.

So at this point, whatever update that there will be on this blog will mostly be from my drunken blabberrings. (I don't even know what the proper spelling for that is . . AND I DON'T CARE ! ! . . which is testament to my current state of mind now)

I will try my best to update this blog space during my last moments of consciousness (I don't care how that's spelt . . .srsly . . not anymore) before I pass outs. These will be the last few testaments of honest to goodness (because really, I'm only honest during these times anyways) rantings that I have.

As of right now actually, I'm pretty out of it anyways. So whether or not I follow up with these claims remains to be seen. But it does seem like a promising change though, no? Please do feel free to comment.

At any rate yeah. At any rate the only time I come one here to update this nonsense is when I'm drunk an has nothing else betrar to do.


  1. The only time worth writing anything is when you can be honest anyway.. juzduitz

  2. There's a spellchecker~ but you don't care...