Monday, July 5, 2010


So I was just reading someone else's blog, (P'Paosss) and was wonderring if it was at all possible that I would have such an intimate relationship with my blog.

I mean, this woman puts random stuff about herself every other time. Albeit somewhat coded or indirectly, it's still pretty personal stuff and not at all very hard to decode if knew her and talked to her I suppose.

That being said, that's some crazy drama. A little boring it gets, but there's some nice photos in there lol (which of course was my main purpose of checking out the blog). Wow. I don't like drama, but I'm oddly attracted/interested by it. But it is mostly countered by my utter lack of interest in things that I don't get to know what dramas are hitting.

That being said, could you IMAGINE how it would've been like in Ames if she was still hurrr? LOL. I'd be in drama heaven. Previous post unnecessary. No subscription needed. Well maybe subscription of friends who are damn kay poh and willing to repeat these crap cause I'm too lazy to find out first hand.

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