Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Toast. . .

"To the good times that we've shared. . And the bad times that we'll have. ."

That's the line from the song "I Need Some Fine Wine and You, you Need to be Nicer" by The Cardigans that really stuck with me.

I mean, that's all that we really got going through life with others isn't it? It basically just sums up our social existence (not to mention the whole title is totally befitting any situation for anybody at any given time).

Profound lyrics from a band that gave us "Lovefool" lol. I love that song.

But on to more profound topics of discussion. I was asked recently if I was a booty or boobie person. This of course presents a true conundrum to me. I mean, is it true that every man has a straight out preference for one or the other? Can we not be on the fence (I don't mean not like either . .That'd be gay . .Well maybe not . .Maybe there are navel men out there or knee or ankle or toe men out there . .Let's not discriminate) about the topic or better yet have both? (Of course that would be the idea, but for the sake of discussion, I heard that every man has a very strong preference for one or the other. . .)

And so dear readers, after searching my soul (amongst other things . .) long and hard, I finally decided that I am, indeed. . .A boobies man. Sorry booty ladies. Please, fellow boobie men, withold thy rejoicing and praises. .And do not despair fair booty men. . I cannot deny the alluring luciousness of the bootieness. . But I must be true to myself and admit that it is indeed the boobieness that captivates me the mostess.

However, in all honesty, it is unfair to subject a male of the human species to such a sacrificial decision. It's just cruel to have to choose between either and draw a definite line there. Especially in this era where both are so prevalently and so wondrously (enchanced) displayed.

But I'm definitely a boobies man fer 'sho.

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