Friday, July 24, 2009

Faysss . .OFF. .FAYCE. .OFFFFF

So after that crazy assed boat ride, my face started peeling off. This is I assure you ladies, most likely due to the sun exposure and not from any contagious disease. So I iz perfectly safe to be pleasuring you layyyy-deyzzz.

Speaking of pleasuring, there is nothing that I get a kick out off more from than peeling the skin out from my face. I keep imagining like I'm that old dude in Mission:Impossible (Yes. . The old dude, for all youse yung'uns going "Eh . .Where got old dude in MI?", in the oh lee chanel (fuah . .double bracket . .this is turning out to be some math equation) (Sorry forgot what I wanted to say in that last bracket. .That's pronounced like the brand) series the main character hero was an old dude with white hair, not Tom Cruise). Anyway the bottomline is peeling off my face like in the Mission Impossible shyte. Shioks giler. Every morning I wake up go to the mirror and have a go at it for like half an hour or so. Housemates must be thinking I'm wanking. But I might as well be for the amount of shiokness I gets from it.

In any case, I've been gone for a long while. Hopefully this is a nice return for youse peoples who is actually dropping by once in a while hoping to catch up with what this bugger is up to. And that's it. .Peeling my face skin . . Too bad still same face after all that peeling . .Kanineh . .


  1. LABOH...!! or you want your face change to become as TEW's face after peeling meh....

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