Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I was checking out gutteruncensored to get my daily update of sleaze, and for the first time really took notice of the ads there. If you're a frequent visitor to sleazy sites you're no doubt familiar with the FACEBOOK OF SIEHKSSS !! I've got nothing against the ads. People gotta make money to put up sleaze every day. And I admit I did click on it. 

BECAUSE THE CHICS ON THE ADS ARE SO GADDAWMN SUPER INCREDIDGEBERLY HAWTSSS ! ! Where are these laydies and how do I gets them into my life? DAMMITS !! I want to do niehsteih NIESHSTEIH things to themsssss. .Speaking of which . .I wonder how is Sheau Ting doings . .

I'm gonna go abuse myself  for a bits now . . 

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