Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just Dance

So it's been a while since the last post. Been laming around too much on the couch. And the fact that my interwebz got disconnected due to a copyright infringement deal is also a major factor. Here's a warning kids: Don't download C&C3. . I'm never downloading anymore damn games. .CS and DotA is allz I needz. .

THEY'RE WATCHING USSS ! ! Which makes it impossible for me to dance like noone's watching . . Which is a sneaky way of me diverting the issue to what I was really intended on posting abouts. .

I recently found outs how to post youtube links up in heyurrr (I knows it's real simple, but I'm blur and lazy to discover shyte or myself and this whole blog thing still has me wide wonder-eyed. .) So here are a couple of cool dance videos. .One you should be familiar with and another I loves the song and finally caught the music video which was so AWESOME ! !

Here's Feist doing her weird thang

Don't that just make you want to dance retardedly? I know I do . . Everytime . .I lovesss itsss !! . .The song . .Not acting retarded . .

And she also appeared on Sesame Street! ! Hilarious ! !
The other one was Fiona Apple's Paper Bag, which unfortunately the videos have not allowed embedding . .Demmits . .But here's the link if you're interested. .

Happy dancing your cares awaysss ! !

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