Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kidding ME ! ?!

Chomon larrrr. . Srsly? Zomgness lers. .IT'S ALREADY APRIL MANG ! ! What the hellz is snow doing floating arounds?

Don't gets me wrong . .I loves the snow. But not this flurry bullshit. I likes full-on winter storm. Whiteouts ending with 6 inches of glorious whiteness ready for me to leave footprints on. This flurries crap is like some horrible tease. All the cold and none of the fun. To quote O-Town: 
"Cause I want it allllll, or naaaaaahthing at olllllll"

Fuck this cold weather already. If you want to go, just go. Is like those clingy ex-gilrfriends (friends', not mine) that hang around and annoy the bejeebus out of you. 

Bring on some of that short shorts weather mang. I'm dying to get that charcoal burning, that fire blaring, that lighting fluid (among other things) squirting, the meat searing, my legs (among other things) exposing, the skin tanning, the chics less clothed. That means YOU *insert chic name here!

1 comment:

  1. Damn.. i totally agree....
    Just when you thought "Oh~ spring is here!!" and the cold winter weather comes back to haunt you for another month....