Sunday, April 12, 2009

MOVE ! Get out der vey !

There is this really interesting phenomenon. The worst, and most annoying M'sian group habit to me is the terrible habit of standing around in the middle of everyone's way to discuss something. And being extremely social creatures, this is done in large groups, thus becoming a major obstacle.

What's more interesting about this fenomena is that it happens spontaneously. The group would just be moving along on it's way nicely, when all the sudden it stops and everyone just joins in some conversation about where to go or what to do next or some other random conversation. AND ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYONE'S WAY. .In the most obstructive possible location i.e. a sidewalk, the cartway after the check out lanes in Wal-Mart, the entrance to somewhere etc. I mean . .JUST MOVE ! ! Other people have places to go while you're looking for and discussing about yours. It's just amazing how inconsiderate we can be sometimes.


  1. Damn I HATE that shit too.
    Walking through a hallway and some ppl chatting in the middle.
    Then u feel paiseh for walking inbetween their conversation

  2. Normally I will walk through that group. Without bei min! and use my shoulder to push them lol... HAHA