Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Big Plan

So, I had great plans for this blog. Big ideas and ambitions. I've been a big fan of thegutterpost lately. So much so that I was inspired to actually try to emulate that. To get the down low and dirty scandals and rumors going on about the ISU circuit and has the pubics read abouts it here. .

But then who the hellz am I kidding ler. .I don't know HALF the shyte. .I'm being modest . .I don't know a TENTH of the shyte that goes on up in heyurrrr, srsly. And the ones that I DO know ofz, I'm the last to know or it has already happened and it's like, to quote Dave Grohl, "done, done on to the next one" kind of crap. So fuck that. On to the second objective of this blog.

This blog is the little dirty bastard of my afore mentioned obsession with a certain scandal blog and my procrastination. I has an English assignment that was due yesterday. I was looking for whatever excuse not to get started on its. "But neder" you might say, "with the effort and time you put here you could have just finished your assignment! ! !"

And I says to you you little turd, "miannanmamana." That's me mumbling. Probably some profanity. I'm taking this procrastination shyte to new heights baybehhhhhh 6sen. 

So the more posts you see heres, it means I'm really busy, so please do invite me for whatever little insignificant reason you might possibly have that could serve as a distraction for me. Y'all know wut it iz. .

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