Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nap > DotA

Next time I'm feeling drowzy from a nap when someone asks to DotA, I'm not going to play. Just got done with one of the WORST games I've ever played. Was using Tidehunter and can't farm for shits. .Can't stun properly, fed the whole time. Whole team got raped. GUARHHH ! !

I feel dem kao guilty when I fuck up in DotA like that, but then fucking up in classes or whatever, no problem, barely any guilt. Solution: distract myself with DotA. I am so messed up. I'm gonna go get some McChickens up in heyurrr to calm my soul. Hopefully redeem myself laters.

"Oh, I laugh when I watch horror movies". What the hellz lar. Even if it's true, that sounds extremely retarded when someone says it don't you think? What are you trying to prove ler? You're so fucking brave nothing scares you? The whole point of watching horror movies is to get scared. You go into it wanting not to be scared it's just going to be a waste of time. With horror movies you got to go in and take it in. Get absorbed into the setting. 

That being said . .That last horror movie, nothing can save ler. Fucking waste of time. I'm sorry to whoever had to watch it *cough* Z *cough*

Like the whole point of smoking weed or drinking alcohol is to get high. You don't get high that's just a fucking waste of weed/alcohol and time. I knows some people that don't never get fucked up on alcohol, but barely even makes a mention of its. Kudos to youse you know who you are. I so wanted to go *COUGH COUGH (That super coughing I make) "Oh, I cough when people bullshit" after hearing that.


  1. you need to play more games with me to prevent such horrendous form... cuz if the team falters... usually I'm the one that makes things worst or the one that evens up the game

  2. yeeeeeeeeeNeeeeeeeeeMarch 26, 2009 at 11:47 PM

    Eh Tai, I said before too that 'sometimes I laugh when watching horror movie'.But I enjoyed the horror movie also~
    Don't show any kebenziannya on me eh,sad T_T
    I am not retarded!!

  3. LOL, Well I've watched horror movies with youse before, and you do get scared. So that shyte wasn't about youse.

  4. about me? LOL..

    btw, kyosuke trying to lanci over here.. lol.. i dun blif you can do anything if your teamates are all noobs. of cos you can do something if you teamates are reliable.. lol.. this is about a team. not becos you alone... lol.. you are good supporter, you need a good carrier. what tai need to do is, DRINK, then DRUNK, then play dota, he plays better.~ :)

  5. Yao mo lam loo ? Lol . .We should test that out one day . .I can't farm for shits when I'm drunk . .Like now . .LES PLAY ! !