Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Damn youse Mang. .

Someone says to me that I should bitch more to make the blog more interesting. Well that wasn't really what I had in mind fot the blog thing. Didn't want to see bitchy and all that. But this is something that's really getting on my gaddam nerves mang. 

So any of you network savvy people could maybe possible offer up some ideas as to what is causing this and perhaps a solution. Here's the deal. I iz on the router rights? And everytime the Mang turns his computer on and logs into the network, a whole world of shit opens up and it clogs up the connection for some reason. I gets the crazy assed spikes when playing CS, the interwebz is slower, I can barely do shyte when playing DotA. 

So I shouts at him: "EH ! !. .You downloading any shyte?" to which he replies in that oh so innocent "noh?". Then I asks, "You streaming any shytes?" also "noh?". This gets me wonderring, then WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THAT'S SLOWING THIS SHYTE DOWN TO KL TRAFFIC PACE ! ?!? I didn't actually say that. I'm too nice. "Watching drama". From website? "download" WTF ! ! 

This was the very beggining of when that shyte started happening. I've gotten into the habit of just blocking the shyte out of his connection which instantly solves the problem . .Problem is I sometimes forget to unblock it which leads him to come asking me "Eh Tai,. .I cannot log in" to which I go "Oh . .ermm . .restart your com" innocently which buys me time to unblock that mofo's connection.

Anyways, I have come to ascertain that this lag comes just from his computer being logged onto the network. So you techies, WTF is up with that ? I can't go on living this lie of blocking his connection and unblocking its. .He's bound to find outs sooner or later. I feels like I'm banging his wife or something . .Which I wish was the case since at least I'd have a stable internet connection AND siehkkks on the side. .Good deal. .


  1. anti virus (AVG Free anti virus) AND
    spyware remover (Ad Aware : Personal)

  2. Right? You'd think it'd be that simple . .But he still hasn't run it . .