Friday, March 20, 2009

Fras Gilerrr ! !

Well as the title suggests, I'm frustrated now. For some unknown reason my finger became infected and any slight touch hurts. It's also the flipping finger which means I can't click the right button of my mouse without grimacing or going "sssssss. . ahhhh . . sssss". Which means I can't play DotA without going "sssss. . ahhh . .sssss" a whole lot. I think I'm going to have to pop the liquid that's building up in that nasty blister like thang . .That's going to be satisfying.

Another reason I'm frustrated now is because I can't find a song. I hate it when I can't find a song that I heard. It's almost as frustrating when I know the name of the song but can't download it. That's not as bad. The worst one is when I don't even know the name of the song or who sang it. Alls I know from the song is a couple of words from it. And even that I'm not really clear what the fuck she's singing. I'm talking about the song which is Yu's alarm song from his phone. Alls I know from it is "right now . .right now . .I can lalalal" then "I'll be walking right back to you boy" something like that. "Do a Google search lar and find the partial lyrics" you say now. CHIBAI LAHBUDENGS . .You think I haven't tried? Wahlau. The search results that come back with that search is so frustrating. Some oldies. Dean Martin, Johnny Cash. . I'll be damned if they sound like a chic in their later dead years. What's worse now is that Yu told me the name of the song. Apparently it's "This time". But I still can't find its. 

GUARHHHHHSness ! !  ! ! ! ! So my pubics, if youse knows what's the song I'm talking abouts or EVEN HOKKIEN MEE GOODNESS better, has its. PLEASE GET BACK TO MEEEE ! ! ! PLEASE ! ! CH'MON MANGGG . . I CAN'T SLEEEP . .I CAN'T EAT . .I wear diapers mang

But at least some itsy bitsy good came out of this. I found out that Maria Mena had a new album with a new song "All this time" is the name of the Maria Mena song. That's pretty sweet. But not a good enough consolation. Damn its.

I'm glad this blog has helped someone at least find a song they're looking for. You lucky summmmbij.

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  1. hi! i know exactly the song you're talking about i'm trying to find a place to listen to it.

    it's called This Time by a band called Maniac Garage
    but I have nowhere to listen to it.. hmm..